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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 25, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> in box one, the u.s. military says 17 afghan men went a.w.o.l. from a texas air force base. more than half turned up on facebook. >> another sign of how bad it is below the surface in the gulf of mexico. massive plankton eating sharks moving away from the deep waters where they normally live, suddenly near the shore. a top scientists will explain what the sharks can teach us about the extent of the bp disaster. box number 3, it's three weeks to the day since a 7-year-old boy disappeared from a school science fair. new details and video ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." crews are recovering more oil from the broken well in the gulf of mexico. but a shift in the weather could quickly change that.
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the government's point man on the response efforts says bp captured or burned nearly 24,000 barrels of oil yesterday. that's about a 30% increase over the day before but less than half of the possible flotilla flotilla it you can see a chunk of storms on the caribbean. the forecasters say that could develop into a tropical system in the next few days and possibly move the toward the still area. 70% chance. if that happens it would be tropical depression number one and admiral thad allen says the ships would have to disconnect from the equipment on the well five days before the storm is expected to hit. >> once we disconnect, whatever flow rate is, between 35 and 60,000 barrels a day. whatever that rate is, and we don't know that for certain, that would be unattend. >> in other words all the oil
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would escape in the gulf. as much as 2 1/2 million per day. anywhere from 35,000 to 60,000 barrels a day. that's if the estimates of bp and government are correct. i have no idea. our senior correspondent rick leventhal has more. the storm system is more organized and meteorologists here tell us it could be headed there. >> yeah, in fact it may already be a tropical depression. aware waiting to get more information from hurricane hunters on a plane that are in the area now. they say over the next 48 hours at least an 80% chance it will become a tropical depression. water temperatures are very warm. upper level winds are in a position of easily strengthening it. this is likely to become a hurricane but could cause problems. >> shepard: the question is, what would it do? a hearing about the bp payment
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to spill victims wrapped up where you are. tell us what happened. >> senator mary landrieu was here with ken feinberg chosen by the obama administration and bp to administer the fund. 100 locals were here with questions and feinberg gave answers, encouraging everyone affected, whether business owners or community leaders, whatever, to file for emergency funds right away because you can take emergency money in this case and still apply for more relief later. he encouraged people not to file lawsuits. here's more from ken feinberg. >> should you litigate? absolutely not. it's a mistake. it's a mistake to litigate. but that's your choice. >> feinberg says the biggest challenges are determining the damages since the oil is still
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flowing. also, try to figure out how bad things will be down the road because some people have no idea how badly their businesses are lives will be affected but they may have to come up with a figure to present to this independent overseer to get paid. >> rick, in louisiana, thank you. some of the others headlines, officials in florida reopened the beach in pensacola after they closed part of it yesterday when oil washed ashore. earl other shoreline areas in the florida panhandle of offlimits. the white house reports vice president biden will travel to the gulf coast to review efforts, arriving on tuesday. after reporting its spent more than $2.3 billion on the spill, bp's stock sank today. shares selling for less than half than before the caster. >> president obama's in canada today for meetings with the leaders of the world's biggest
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economies. with the world's financial situation very much on thin ice, there's quite a bit to discuss. the president has already sent a letter to leaders pushing increased government spending in the stimulus plan as the best ways to curb the economy troubles but there are a lot of skeptics who are worried about their own ballooning debts. wendell goler is in toronto. >> in some ways the president has differences with the leaders of german, britain and japan that mirror deferences are republicans over cutting sending to to get a handle on mounting national debt, even though the spending hasn't created nearly as many jobs, whether it's better to continue the spending and rise in debt under the belief a faster growing it economy is the biggest deaf its cutter. the president won't get sympathy from canadian prime minister steven harper whose country had
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limited exposure. angela merkel is planning the biggest budget cuts since world war ii to save $100 billion. she expects controversial discussions over budgets. new british prime minister david cameron proposed a budge including higher taxes and the biggest cuts in public spending in decades. president obama's talks with cameron will have the added factor of the bp spill, whether u.s. demands are hurting british pensioners. the canadian finance minister says there's not likely to be a specific target reached. some countries have more urgent problems than others. the u.s. would be in the latter category. shep, back to you. >> shepard: wendell goler with the president in toronto, ontario. >> now to the 17 soldiers from afghanistan who apparently
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walked away from a military base in texas. some are keeping a a high profile on line. they were studying english at lackland air lackland air force base and disappeared. they did go a.w.o.l. officially. the government sent out a bulletin to be on the lookout. as it turns out, you didn't have to look very far. cathrine herridge is life in d.c., they're not hiding. >> no they're not. is 1 of the 17 -- 11 of the 17 have shown up on facebook. one is a fan of paris hilton. it was the law enforcement bulletin seeking detention. another officer belongs to free web cam sex with me and others with afghanistan, had a deem. the pages are linked to video
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and content from the western mouthpiece for bin laden. what is most strike is the afghan officers appear to be hiding in plain sight and don't seem worried anyone is lacking for them. >> you have learned where a lot of the men are physically. >> right. according to the letter to john conan, the air force secretary provides the recent wreakdown of where they are. one afghan is a permanent resident of the u.s., two are residents in canada. six more are trying to stay in canned darks four are in the u.s. and being deported and they don't know where the remaining four are. they have no evidence the men have connection to say terrorism but four are unaccounted for. >> shepard: the air force reports plans to take steps to
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prevent this in the four of them future. >> the air force said when the men came to lackland air force base, the passports were taken and they indicated the common access card given or cat cards were limited. they couldn't get on to the more secure military bases. but the question becomes if they had passports air force policy in the futures who did they get into canada? how did that happen? almost half are in canada right now. >> shepard: very good question. cathrine herridge in washington. thank you. read more about this at on our home page along with a slide show of those missing. while there check out the headlines at major changes could be coming to the banking industry. they'll likely affect you, everything from your credit card
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a simpler way to ship. 12 minutes past the hour. it's called the most sweeping rewrite of bank industry regulations since the depression. after debate and negotiations the house and senate struck a deal. the bill will create a new consumer protection agency that's goal is to police lending. it will force some big banks to reserve more money to protect against future losses. in other words more cash on hand in the event of a crisis like now. it will provide new rules designed to prevent lenders from issuing risky mortgages. that morning the president praised this bill. >> we'll put in place the toughest consumer financial protection in history while creating an independent agency to enforce it this. through the agency we'll combine the consumer protection
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functions currently divided among a half dozen agencies. one agency will have the sole job of looking out for you. >> it faces final approval in congress but the president is confident it will pass. the "fox business" network gerri willis is us with. she hose hosts the willis report on "fox business." >> what are the highlights not highlighted enough? >> a lot. start with the consumer financial protection agency. sounds good. like a good thing, someone protecting you if you take out a loan but the reality is the regulators come from the very agencies that regulated during the mortgage meltdown. then the financial stability counsel, sounds great. that's guys watch for the next bubble. right? guess what? you expect government executives
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to find the next bubble? not even smart investors could predict the housing crisis would happen. th hard to believe a few people in washington can figure it out. they're going to charge the big banks $19 billion to have on hand for a period of five years in case of another meltdown. who do you think the fee flows through to? >> if the banks pay it, the customers pay the bank first. money doesn't come out of the air. >> you bet. >> there are unintended consequences just as there are in every new law. >> some of the consequences are monthly fees for bank accounts. 8 to $15 for checking accounts. interest rates rising for consumer products. you'll pay more for service and at the end of the date people the administration wanted to protect, subprime borrowers, they won't get loans at all. >> shepard: really?
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>> they're being kicked off the credit cards so they'll have a hard time getting money. >> shepard: in total is it your sense this might be able to help stave off another meltdown? >> no. it's not built that way. in fact i think if you have another crisis, there's going to be another bailout of big banks. >> one thing i noticed today is that mortgages are at the lowest rate since they started keeping records. >> it's fantastic. >> you need to refi, get on it. >> if you want to buy a house, get on it. i hope you can find a lender to give you the money. >> gerri willis, i'm enjoying your new show on the "fox business" network, you tivo one and watch the other, 5 eastern, 4:00 central. if you are looking for a business program that tells how the market and economy is affecting you, not a bunch of thousand dollars word that don't
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make sense, this is very common sense stuff about running your house and your family and what costs and how it save and what to do. i find it very refreshing. >> thank you, sir. >> enjoying watch. 5:00 eastern, 4:00 central. >> that's over on the "fox business" which, if you don't have ... >> ... demand it! >> what did you say? if you don't get it ... >> demand it. >> that's better. for many unemployed americans, the check will not be in the mail after the senate rejected a plan to extend jobless benefits of the national unemployment rate stands at 9.7%. senate democrats were not able to lure one republican to vote to extend. the enwas no. one of their own voted against it. g.o.p. leaders couldn't go along with billions in deficit spending and now payments will cease by the end of the week.
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>> my goodness, gerri willis doesn't get to go to planet blago. a former aid to the ex governor testified president obama knew blago wanted a job in his administration in exchange for picking the right person to fill the president's empty seat. blago is accused of trying to sell that appointment. prosecutors played the tape of the former illinois governor which his then chief of staff him the president would go embassadorships to which he replied, how about india. complained the president was offering nothing but appreciation and called the list of senate picks b.s. but the governor said he had one option if he didn't get what he wanted. >> as bad it would be to appoint myself, you felt that yesterday,
3:18 pm
did you or no. >> what do you mean, the people? >> the average person, i don't care -- it willing the pundits. >> it won't be the average people. >> good. i cannot dismiss that possible if they beep [ bleep ] with irrelevance we have that ace in the hole. >> ace in the hole. he can appoint himself. lack how handsome. blago is back in court next week after a day off today. the next military commander in afghanistan already could be planning a major adjustment to the war effort. are the rules of engagement about two change? the parents of a missing second grader speaking outings releasing -- out, releasing in home video. the latest details on what police call a criminal investigation. that's next.
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we've been following the case of a missing 7-year-old boy in oregon and his parents are trying to jump-start search for their son three weeks after he disappeared. today they're releasing new to us home video of kyron horman with hundreds of new pictures of the child. he dis period during a school science fair when anyone was allowed into the school. investigators do not believe other children are at risk and have handed out fliers asking for information on the boy's stepmother. you can see her here. she dropped the child off at school that morning and called the teachers when he didn't get off the bus that afternoon. police are not calling her a
3:23 pm
person of interest. she was the boy's baby-sitter before she married the boy's father. in fact we're snowfall -- snowfall friendly with his mom. the boy's parents filed for -- governor are before >> the cops are trying to find out her movements on the diner disappeared, asking anybody at the school that day, if they saw terry horman and if she went to sophie island, ten miles northwest of downtown portland. according to one report in local media, unconfirmed by us, her
3:24 pm
cell phone signal indicated she was on the island. police want tan -- to know why. >> she's still married to the father but is she cooperating? >> it seems that way. she's done two polygraphs and she's not a person of interest nor a suspect. according to other family members, yes, she's cooperating. >> she's cooperating with investigators passionately as are we. we're trying to do everything we can to find kyron and we're all very involved with cooperating fully and participating in the investigation to find him. >> reporter: interesting, though, that she, terry, did not take part in any of the extensive interviews the others did today. >> the police are not speaking to the public about this very much at all. i wonder what the parents are saying. >> the police are keeping all
3:25 pm
the information close to their chest, sharing very well with the media but the family seems happy with the way the investigation is handled right now. >> well, they're working really hard to work the 2500 tips they've gotten. they are dedicating all their time for this. we've got hundreds of investigators working on the case now. they are trying to work every lead possible. >> reporter: but three weeks to the day since kyron went missing, every day becomes more and more worrying. >> shepard: indeed. jonathan hunt will kick off his online chat about this and other stories on our website. head to the jane skinner bobblehead doll. a tribute to my friend who left the network to be with the kids and be the first lady of
3:26 pm
football. she's married to the nfl commissioner. we love her lots. join the conversation "on the hunt" link. if you want to watch the video about jane, do that at new video in showing michael jackson's family arriving at the forest lawn cemetery in southern california a year to the day of his death. the family are having a commemoration at the cemetery where jackson is buried. city workers expect thousands of fans to turn up. >> in afghanistan, new rawls of en-- rules of engagement could soon be in place. general petraeus is expected to replace general mcchrystal when he stepped down this week after disparaging remarks about the obama administration emerged in "rolling stone" magazine. president obama called the change of command a switch in personnel, not policy.
3:27 pm
steve san tany is at the pentagon. >> nobody in this building likes the rules of engagement, saying they're restrictive and prevent the troops from getting the job done. one source says when general petraeus takes over he'll make modifications and this comes as a crucial turning point in the war. this source is not the only one who thinks this is a likelihood. >> i don't think that's any question the day petraeus is going to make changes to the rules of engagement. first of all to reinforce his commitment to take care of the troops and secondly, he realizes as does everyone in afghanistan, the rules are getting soldiers killed. >> reporter: a spokesperson for general petraeus saying it's too soon to say because after the general hits the ground in
3:28 pm
afghanistan he'll conduct and assessment and that's one thing he'll be lacking at. >> overall we're led to believe the overall strategy in afghanistan is not going to change. >> that's right. the president would have to do a new assessment, reevaluation of the strategy. we're going to stay with that. as we heard head from the -- heard from the president, they're not changing the strategy. but he has flexibility to adjust tactics and rules of engagement are likely to be looked at. >> starting new information about homegrown terrorists. the white house reports dozens of americans have joined terror groups. the reporter who broke that story joins us live and including your bottom of the hour headlines next. ♪
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31 minutes past the hour. u.s. intelligence track dozens of americans around world to joined terrorist groups and have become security threats to the united states. that's the word from the president's top counterterrorism advisory in an interview with the washington times. he calls it concerning. there have been high profile homegrown terror cases. this week the times square would be bomber pleaded guilty and the pakistani court convicted five americans accused of plotting
3:32 pm
attacks. with us, eli lake. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> i try to figure out what is the reason for giving out information like this. i mean clearly the information has come directly. i wonder what the motive is. >> of john brennan in the interview? we asked him a straightforward question. we wanted a sense of the cry tear i can't for americans that joined terrorist groups, for them to be on a list that allows the military and c.i.a. to target them with drone strikes. he would not answer directly but we wanted to get a sense of how many americans did he think were out there and he said we don't know what we don't know but suspects there are dozens of americans who have joined terrorist groups that present a threat. >> shepard: he made it clear that concerns him. was he more specific about his concerns? >> he talked about two different kinds of threats. one would be americans who have
3:33 pm
joined terrorist groups in iraq or afghanistan posing a direct threat to u.s. armed forces in war. from an international legal perspective there's nothing controversial about that. they relinquish citizenship rights on the battlefield. others are americans who joined terrorist groups and might be involved with somalia, kenya or -- particularly in the english language. >> we've been reporting for years how dangerous a homegrown terrorist can be because the passport gives you freedom and leaves you under the radar unless you're on a list in some other way. >> the problem is that it al qaeda and other terrorist groups
3:34 pm
target civilians and do so -- they don't have a uniform. when an american joins al qaeda it's not the same as joining a foreign military. the law in many ways is murky and i think the obama administration it feeling out the policy particularly because the number of attempts in this country by americans as increased significantly. >> eli lake, gad to good to see you. >> thank you. >> the biggest fish that exists on the entire earth is not big enough to ignore the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. the whale shark is a fish. we'll talk to a scientist seeing evidence now that the oil is changing the fundamental behavior of this ocean giant and what that means big picture.
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continuing coverage of the national disaster in the gulf of mexico. 67 days later. -off seen the pictures of the dead birds soaked in oil, fish floating in the sludge. now new evidence the oil spill is not just killing animals but affecting animals' behavior. this is a whale shark a few miles off the coast of florida. the director of the marine laboratory center for shark research tells us whale sharks usually stay 150 miles from the shore. he's seen other unusual behavior if the past few weeks. he joins us from sarasota. robert, good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> the scary thing is you wonder if it's so oily they're moving to somebody else's neighborhood. >> exactly.
3:39 pm
i'm concerned about not as much what's happening on shore because we can see that. what we can't see is what is happening offshore to deep are water animals. we think thank you they may be getting displaced from the open gulf to closer to shoreline, as close as 3 miles from the florida gulf coast. >> we've seen sharks gathering in northwest florida, we've seen a lot of activity that seems unusual to those who monitor such things. i wonder if you have a sense for if this is happening, what it means to the ecosystem as a whole. >> what it's going to mean if this is happening with this giant pool of toxins in the middle of the gulf displacing animals away from where they normally go, that will affect their feeding, reproduct difficult cycles and upset the ecosystem in the gulf of mexico and a beautiful sea. a nightmare come true for us.
3:40 pm
>> is part of the fear the plankton are eighting so much oil and creating a depletion of and then and the areas will become dead zones? >> that's probably going to happen right where the oil is. as far as the adjacent areas towards shore, i don't think. we're going to deal with perhaps a dead zone for a while but that will eventually break up, eventually, perhaps being years. we don't know. what we're concerned about is the changes that take place because of what's happening out there now. the effects on whole populations and reproductive success. we may see collapse of some of these systems. >> shepard: i wanted to ask about the oil that we're told there's evidence that so much oil is collecting on the gulf floor. there are a lot of bottom feeders in the ecosystem. what does this do, the removal of bottom feeders, what does
3:41 pm
that do to the ecosystem? >> we don't know because we haven't run an experiment like this before but have an affect on the turnover of nutrients. they're filter feeders and their throats are horrible. animals from the surface all the way to the deep sea, in the central gulf, the part we don't see as well on the evening news, this is what really concerns me. >> shepard: are there -- do you know if there are scientists out there beginning to study this sort of thing so we're not blind-sided by it and maybe can take some action to try to help? >> absolutely. many scientists are engaged in this now. there are cruises going out, research cruises, florida has gotten $10 million in search
3:42 pm
funding from bp and all of the institutions are engaged in developing proposals and research projects to go assess the impact of this horrible tox i toxic plume. >> thank goodness. a gem of the gulf coast, you gays are busy these days. good luck. >> thank you. we're very busy and redistracted with this but it's very important work for sure. >> shepard: i'll say. moten marine laboratories, google it. appreciate your time. >> thank you. the oil spilling in the gulf, fairing of the war commander in afghanistan, the still slumping unemployment. housing problems, what heck of a week for the folks in the white house. fox news sunday's chris wallace on what needs to happen next week when he makes his regular
3:43 pm
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it's a breath of fresh air.
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you think you had a bad week ... imagine you were the president. he just replaced his top commander in afghanistan during one of the most critical moments of the nine-year-old war. oil continues to flow not gulf of mexico. set back after set back and the unemployment rate a thorn in the side of this administration. with us, chris wallace. nice to be covering them instead of doing their jobs. good grief. >> that's true but interestingly enough when i interviewed laura bush a monthly or so ago she talked about president bush and when he was feeling sorry for himself and he had a bunch of tough weeks and she said no one forced to you run for president. i hope michelle is saying that to barack.
3:47 pm
>> i think i got the kudos on both sides on the replacement because you don't want to upset the apple cart overseas but he seems forceful with the feeling. what did you think. >> i think the speech in the rose garden was one of i say better moments. he seemed decisive, he was gracious, as he should have been to stanley mcchrystal, a true national hero but laid out in clear reasons why he had to make the choice, in addition to which what made this sail as well as it did was the fact he had in his back pocket david petraeus, the most honored, respected military man. it's like taking a 280 or 290 hitter off the field but i have babe ruth. bringing in david petraeus solvedded problem.
3:48 pm
>> have they made headway in public perception in the bp oil crisis? >> no. i feel they won't until they stop the leak and keep the oil from washing up on the gulf coast. to some degree they did because we weren't focuses on it as much this week but it didn't solve the root problem. without mcchrystal and petraeus next weak we'll be talking about day 71z the polls are lagging but the recent one was a two-week old survey by the "wall street journal" and nbc news indicating the president is below the 50s are% mark. this gives us less juice. >> that's a poll from this last week. and -- >> shepard: you're right. i was thinking they collected the data earlier.
3:49 pm
>> no, this is the first time in the wall street journal, nbc news poll, disapproval has been higher than approval and there were a bunch of numbers. people's view of the president's ability to handle a crisis, his leadership qualities down dramatically. 62% of the country thinks aware on the wrong traffic. only a third thinks the economy will be better in the next year. that's a troubling poll if you're a top advisor to the president. it indicated he's in trouble, the country is losing faith and democrats are in trouble. republicans leading in the generic poll ballot in the congressional race snu-snu i'm looking to the progress this sunday, he welcomes lindsey graham and diane feinstein. also host of huckabee.
3:50 pm
is he running for president? >> it's interesting, the new yorker magazine of all journals this week anointed him as the frontrunner for nomination. i didn't know this until he read the article that he's moved from arkansas to florida, a pretty interesting state to be from if you're thinking of running for president. i wouldn't leave fox news to run for president but maybe mike huckabee isn't as smart. >> shepard: if i see him in the green room, i'll ask him. if he is, i'll let you know. chris wallace, have a great weekend. love it in d.c., love it. you're out of time. you have no time for us. >> the u.s. versus ghanam ready for this? the right to advance to the world cup quarter finals, as far as any american squad have ever gone. jonathan hunt helped train the men of the u.s. squad and he'll
3:51 pm
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the footy, soccer fans across the great u.s.a. gathering up for a huge world cup game to. team u.s.a. are taking on ghana and it is single elimination. one loss and you come home. our chief footy correspondent, jonathan hunt. he's so happy. >> very exciting. >> what do the yanks need to do. >> the ghana team is actually pretty good. defensively they're weak but going forward they break quickly and the u.s. has to watch for
3:55 pm
that. they have to watch for them scoring an early goal. u.s. goes behind, it puts the pressure on. they need to stay solid early on and they can do it. >> america are the favorites in this and england will not be the favorites versus german. >> no. there's a lot of history there. they played so many times and nearly always ends in a tie and germane always wins. i hate the germans. >> our supposed to. he needs to score a goal. >> you insulted your grandmother. wayne rooney has been a problem. it's 5 minutes until 9:00 p.m. and i know they're watching "studio b" on the sky. we're pulling for the england. >> of course we are. >> the u.s. are tomorrow at 1:30 central, 2:30 eastern time
3:56 pm
and -- >> a great weekend. great weekend. >> i cannot wait. that and sadie's birthday.... we're back in a moment. with calcium and vitamin d alone. he recommends citracal plus bone density builder... the only calcium supplement with genistein found in nature in soy and proven to significantly build bone density. citracal. ♪ and we can cook out more with friends. my card lets me work out more. ♪ and ours lets us eat out more. aarp helps us do our favorite thing. the new website is my favorite thing. [ female announcer ] with aarp you get so much more out of life. discover the best of what's next at the new
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3:59 pm
crime line offered a $5,000 reward for information. win mike spotted the suspect while walking his dogs he called the 911. 20 minutes later he called crime line. big mistake. the cops showed up and arrested a homeless man charged with making the threats. the bad news, the directors of crime line decided not to pay him the $5,000 because he called 911 instead of calling them. what's going to happen? the next time he runs into a wanted fugitive? >> i would let him go. i wouldn't call 911 or crime line. they want the community to help out them. but then when it comes for them to help outs the community, they don't want to do nothing. >> what happens if he shoots you in the face? that wouldn't be good. the executive director of crime line says the suspect was in custody when they got the trip so it didn't


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